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I really just don't know what to say. I'm so excited and overwhelmed that new music is finally available for you guys to hear.
You have no idea how much I wanted you guys to be able to listen to this...

I guess the music speaks for itself. If you haven't heard it yet, please check it out!

I just got to Chicago. Finished my first day of radio promo and all I can say is that it feels good to be back out with new music!

Lots of love to you guys!
xo, M

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Hello Michelle

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I haven't heard your new music yet, but I do love all your old music! I really want to see you in concert! I've missed all your other ones and have been trying to see you for years. Just listened to your song "Breath" - one of my favorites. Any chance you'll be visiting Rhode Island or Southeastern MA anytime soon? Thanks for all your awesome music and I love all of it. Looking forward to hearing your new stuff! -J

hi michelle!

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well the songs really speaks for itself, i do love your songs! cant wait to have one of your upcoming album! hope to see you soon here in manila!, by the way i just wanna share this to you.. i have writin' poems years ago bout myself as being your fanatic i'll post that here when i login again, i do hope you'll be able to check it out! tnx michelle for the musiC and i lOve yoU!!!!!! take care and goodlcuk!!


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The link is dead for me as well????

I've been so crazy busy these

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I've been so crazy busy these past few weeks I can barely think straight but it's all good. We moved from one house in Nash to another-moving is always a pain in the butt. I also started my radio promo tour. It's so exciting to finally be playing this music for people!
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Then I'm headed out to Los

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Then I'm headed out to Los Angeles this week so I can film the video for Sooner or Later. I'm working with my old pal Liz Friedlander. It's gonna be so great to see her and work with her again. She directed my first two videos, Everywhere and All You Wanted. I'm loving the treatment. After that I head to NYC to play a show at the Beacon Theater with Chris Isaak then back to the west coast for more radio promo. So keep an eye out on Twitter because I'll be keeping you up to date through all of it. That's also the easiest way for me to tell you what radio stations I'm visiting and playing at :)
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everytime I come here ,it always make me exciting ,much words ...........

i think the link is dead. am

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i think the link is dead. am i the only one?

Sooner or Later

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Hi ! Michelle. I listened your new music.
I like your song because your song makes me feel comfortable and free.
I want to know lyrics so I can sing a song with you !
Thank you from Kyoto.


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hi michelle,
i hope your doing fine today,congratulations to your new single,i've been listening to it a few times coz i'm trying to memorize it,,,haha kinda weird??

>a fan from the philippines<
>it's liza<


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Love the new song! It was definitely worth the wait. Please come perform in Los Angeles -- I promise you won't regret it.

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