Welcome to the new Website!

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Welcome to the new Website!

Hey everyone.

Welcome to the brand spankin' new website. Lots of exciting things are coming your way, so stay tuned.
Hope you like it!

xo, M

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Happy Birthday

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i just wanted to wish you a very happy and GOD Blessed birthday, i can't wait for your new cd, i need my M.B fix!

Love the new website - very

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Love the new website - very well done! And the new song is addictive! I am so ready for the new CD! And a new tour - secure San Antonio and Austin when you get to Texas - we love your music and there are some really good venues for you and the band!

new site

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The new web site is nice, like the fact that you make it personal. Still waiting for that new album...... these things seem to take forever.
As always thanks for keeping your feet on the ground.


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Michelle love the new web design is really great, by the way is the album going to be released in Mexico??

Album release in Mexico

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[quote=rg.underwood]is the album going to be released in Mexico??[/quote]

It has to!... I mean why shouldn't it? gosh!... now I'm worried and crossing my fingers...

Whe are you coming my way

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Whe are you gonna vist the UK??????????

Or atleast join the APO Tour!

Rocky X

I'm loving it!

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Hey Michelle,

The new website looks super cool! And this blog thingy is awesome because it feels like we are really interacting with you.

Please know that I love your music and can't wait to get my hands on your new album.


Your new page is

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Your new page is wonderful

And I want you to know that I love to hear your music it makes me feel something different to everything else.

I am Rober a spanish fan.

when i first time heard you

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when i first time heard you singing ,i know it's the best song i ever heard, from that time .
i come from asia - china -sichuan-chengdu
a guy like music ,you sing ,
hope you life like colorful butterflies...
god bless you
sssssssssso much ,,,,,

Hi, michelle, Im really glad

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Hi, michelle, Im really glad to see your new pages. Hope to release new album soon!. I'm one of the your fan from Japan. See ya

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