Sooner or Later, Video shoot, radio promo etc.

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Sooner or Later, Video shoot, radio promo etc.

Hey everyone.

Well, I'm finally checking in. I know I've missed a week or so. I've been out on radio promo and it's some weird side-effect that if you wake a musician up before 10 a.m. they become completely delirious. About the only thing I can manage to do is Tweet, haha.

So tomorrow is the big day that Sooner or Later officially goes to radio!! I'm so anxious to see what happens. Please if you have an extra moment tomorrow, call your local country station and request Sooner or Later. I'll owe you one ;)

We filmed the video for Sooner or Later last weekend and it went really well. It was a 3 a.m. wake up call and a very long hot day. We shot out in the desert and it was 104 degrees for the most part. I even learned how to drive stick shift!! I am seeing an edit sometime this week and I'm quite excited to see it. I have some photos from it for you guys to check out coming soon.

Alright, well I'm headed out to do more radio promo bright and early in the morning. As always, follow along on Twitter ( to find out when and where I'll be.

xo, M

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Hope the radio show is still going strong.

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What I like about Michelle Branch

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What I like about Michelle Branch is that she sounds great live! :) Not too many people can do that these days. I will continue to buy your music!I've been a fan since the beginning and it's great to hear the meaning behind them! Any chance you could do the song "desperately"? I absolutely love that song and it has a lot of meaning to me. Keep up the hard work, can't wait for the new cd!

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