smile my friend

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smile my friend

smile my friend, THIS is the end pt. 2
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this is to answer any lingering questions..

yes, albert has left the band
no, it was not on bad terms
yes, we are all still friends
yes, albert will be doing more with fire for effect
maybe one day you can catch a JoCo, FFE set..

albert will remain on the cd.
we will not be looking for a replacement
yes, that means six people in the band

our last two shows with albert are..

this FRIDAY, november 23rd @ the creepy crawl in st. louis, mo w/ mayday parade

and december 16th (tentative date) @ the grand emporium in kansas city, mo

thank you all for your support and time. you have been amazing fans and amazing friends.

new leaf...isturning


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First of all Good day! I

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First of all Good day! I would just like to give thanks to the admin who posted this one I really appreciate it thank you.
Yeah right I totally agree with you! maybe one day you can catch a JoCo, FFE set..
albert will remain on the cd. Keep up the good work and Godbless!
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Too bad! Fernando Cavendish

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Too bad!
Fernando Cavendish


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Thank you for sharing to us.

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The post looks like an ode to

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The post looks like an ode to me, an ode to Albert who left the band. Its kind of, sad to see good bands splitting up. Though they part in good terms we won't get to see all of em together again on stage.

Would You Ever Come To Ireland?

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Hey Michelle!

I am a huge fan of yours, but over here in Ireland you don't realy do concerts or stuff like that and i can't find any of your records in music stores. So would you considder coming to Ireland to do a concert because me and my best friend Casey would realy love to go to one of your concerts. Anyway can't wait for the new album it looks pretty good.


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