Play it Forward

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Play it Forward

Hey everyone.

I've been so crazy busy these past few weeks I can barely think straight but it's all good. We moved from one house in Nash to another-moving is always a pain in the butt. I also started my radio promo tour. It's so exciting to finally be playing this music for people!

Then I'm headed out to Los Angeles this week so I can film the video for Sooner or Later. I'm working with my old pal Liz Friedlander. It's gonna be so great to see her and work with her again. She directed my first two videos, Everywhere and All You Wanted. I'm loving the treatment. After that I head to NYC to play a show at the Beacon Theater with Chris Isaak then back to the west coast for more radio promo. So keep an eye out on Twitter because I'll be keeping you up to date through all of it. That's also the easiest way for me to tell you what radio stations I'm visiting and playing at :)

So, some of you that have been following me from the beginning might remember something called Play It Forward. It was basically my street team but it was so much cooler than that. This group of fans basically helped break my record. I mean, these were the days when our only internet access was from an AOL CD you got in the mail. It took effort! (Gosh, I feel like a Granny!) Well, we're gonna bring Play it Forward back from the dead. PIF is going to be re-introduced back into the community section of this site and we're going to have missions and different grassroots promotions for you guys to all be a part of. It's really very cool. So blow the dust off your old PIF name and keep your eyes out for your first mission.

xo, M

P.s. Sooner or Later is officially on itunes, aaaaaah! Excuse me while I go run around my house screaming for joy.

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Miss your music

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Game of Love! ;)
stop foreclosure

Friedlander rules!

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he's awesome, told me some funny justin bieber jokes


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great collaboration with friedlander!

Michael,I love you so

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Michael,I love you so much!keep up ,we will support you forever!


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to see you play at the Grove in LA. Finding out I get to see you play August 19th is currently my happiest day ever. When I actually go to see you... :D YAY!

When will you have your world

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When will you have your world tour? Please include the Philippines in your list please please please!! :D:D


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just those words........all you wanted!


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First of all, sorry, I'm spanish and my english isn't too good! ;) Michelle!!! You have forgotten Europe!!! :(
Good look for your new songs!! I'll be waiting for your new video with Liz Friedlander, I love the two first videos, that's what I met you!
Come to Spain please!!!!! ;)


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Sounds really cool! i'm excited about your radio promo tour! and hopefully i'll see you in concert! PIF sounds fun, i'll totally join in!!!! good luck and have fun during the rest of your radio promo tour!

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