NYC, video and more

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NYC, video and more

Hey everyone.

I'm sitting here getting ready for the long day ahead. Going to WPLJ this morning to play Sooner or Later on-air. It's been a while since I've seen those guys!

After that I have a photo shoot for Corduroy Magazine, then a meeting with People and the live taping of LX New York a new hourly entertainment show on NBC. It's so nice to be in the city starting press for the record. I have a show tomorrow (Wednesday the 30th) at City Winery that will be extra special. I'm playing with producer John Leventhal for a mix of fans and press and we're playing a couple songs I've never done live before from Everything Comes and Goes. Should be a great time if you can make it out.

Also, I'm very excited because the Sooner or Later video is premiering on CMT all weekend long. I can't wait for you guys to see it.

Alright, now I'm gonna be late! Gotta go!
Have a great week!

xo, M

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hey michelle

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hi .. i really happy for your new album ..i cant wait to buy jeje
i hope everything comes out well for you because you deserve
you have a amazing voice
and very good person jaja
i listening 2 news songs for the new album and the are spectacular ¡¡

good job michelle
well I hope someday have a reply from you jaja

would be AWESOMEE


City Winery

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hey Michelle:

GREAT show last night at the city winery.

can't wait for the release of the new cd. please come back to new york soon.


p.s. i was the "therapist" you requested at the encore.

I got the video anthology.

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Hi ! Michelle.
I'm so happy because I got the video anthology.
I really like your Music Video. That's so cool.
I wish I could have your video of acoustic vergion like this site.
Also, I'm looking forward to your new music video of "Sooner or Later "
See ya ! Love from Kyoto.

Michelle is SOOOO nice!

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For anyone who reads this I just wanted to say that my husband Dave & I got to meet Michelle and her husband Teddy last week at KUPL radio in Portland and they were so great! Michelle, you are so fun and kind, and what an amazing live performance you gave of your new song Summertime (one of my faves) from the new upcoming CD. SPOT ON!!! Being a singer/ songwriter myself, I have always included Michelle Banch as one of my influences and I was just so impressed with this 26 year old woman's talent, grace and intellect. She is a seasoned pro already and we both were so honored to get to hang out with her on the air and chat. So thanks for being you M- and here's to another long run of hits and success in the country world! Oh & we hope you and Teddy get home to see your precious daughter soon- she must miss ya'll so much. Have a ball out there 'cause YOU deserve it!

Hugs and crazy chicken rides,

~Robin / Ruby Red

PS: Sure hope you have a great show tomorrow in NYC & we'll be lookin' for the new video this weekend =)

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