Monday er Tuesday update

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Monday er Tuesday update

Happy Monday-ish everyone.

I'm sitting here in Nashville doing laundry and re-packing to leave for more radio promo visits. My first single Sooner or Later is officially out at country radio! Don't be shy, feel free to harass your local station and request it as much as you like. You have my permission :)

Last week I had the most amazing show at The Grove in L.A. I was actually quite nervous that no one was going to show up. Boy was I wrong! The final count was around 5 thousand in attendance. Incredible!! You guys were singing along to every word and made it such a fun show for Teddy, Dustin and I. We were only supposed to play 30 minutes acoustic but it was hard to stop playing we added another 3 songs to the set. If you weren't there I'm sure you could find some videos on youtube because from the stage all we could see were people with their cameras. I really can't wait to come back with a full band show and play for you guys again. We've also been talking about having a secret show in the L.A. area some time and announcing it last minute on Twitter. Lots of cool ideas.

So there's a new feature on the site called Ask Michelle where you can pretty much ask me whatever you want and I'll pick a few questions to answer each week. I can't wait to see what questions you guys send my way. Keep 'em coming.

Well stay tuned because we have tons of stuff coming your way from videos, to photos, track listings, release dates, the whole shebang.

And not to be redundant, but follow along on Twitter (@michellebranch) to find out what stations I'm visiting this week. A lot of stations stream the live performances on their websites so it's cool to follow along.

Have a great week!
xo, M

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Hi Michelle, Serge says Hello from Mexico!!!

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Hi M.B. you don´t know how much i like you, and love you. It´s so dawn hard to be in loved of you, but i find my own way to live without you and dont meet you in person. I´ll hope you come back in another time to Mexico, i can´t go to your last presentation, sniff. Take care of you and keep making extraordinarys songs for yours fans!!!

Wow, you had an awesome

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Wow, you had an awesome attendance.
I wish I could have been there.
I did see you on Good Day LA.
You are such a great singer!

Hell yea ... it was an

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Hell yea ... it was an awesome show at the Grove that night! So ecstatic seeing you perform again ... can't wait for the upcoming shows! :D

hi michelle

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are you gonna come to london and perform??? please say something....

Ameristar again

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Ameristar again

come to St. Louis Missouri

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come to St. Louis Missouri


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Wish I was there... and random thought for person(s) managing this website - are these comments monitored? They probably should be methinks.

Excellent :D Thanks for the

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Excellent :D Thanks for the update Michelle :D

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