Good morning

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Good morning

Good morning everyone.

I'm in Cambria, California packing my bags to go back to Los Angeles. I had a really relaxing weekend with my family. I hope yours was just as wonderful.

I'm really glad you all like the live video of All You Wanted. Stay tuned because more is on the way. :)

Today the California State Supreme Court is announcing it's decision on Proposition 8.

It really saddens me that in this day and age it's even up for discussion. Civil rights and equality are something that must be fought for. Love, peace and equality for all regardless of sexual orientation, race or religion!!

Let's hope the right decision will be made!!

No matter what the outcome will be, marriage equality advocates will rally all over the country. Go here: to find a demonstration near you.

xoxox, M

Update: Since writing this message this morning, the California state supreme court has announced their decision to uphold Proposition 8. It's very sad, very unfair and wrong.

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