Download My New Song "Texas In The Mirror"

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Download My New Song "Texas In The Mirror"

"Texas in the Mirror" is a song that I've had for years. I wrote it around the time I was recording Hotel Paper, but it seemed out of place with the rest of the material. When I was in my band The Wreckers, we'd play it live from time to time, and a lot of you really loved it - especially my fans in Texas ;) It was finally recorded for Everything Comes and Goes, but that came and went and it never made it on to the 6 song EP. So now, without further adieu I give you "Texas in The Mirror."

I hope it was worth the wait!

xo, M

**Edit: The free song download is no longer available. Stay tuned for new music coming soon!**

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Admiring the time and effort

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texas in the mirror

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who co-wrote the song "texas in the mirror" or michelle wrote solely by herself? thanks! =)

Oh the woes of your free download for "Texas In The Mirror"..etc

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Hello, I have more of a novel than a comment. But here goes. I first want to say, I thought I might be the only one with trouble figuring out how to download a simple mp3, in my efforts to obtain "Texas In The Mirror". I first ended up on my facebook page thinking that when I clicked on the share icon in the e-mail I'd received, I'd be able to play the song on my page. Nope. It was just an add apparently telling me to in put my e-mail address in order to be sent the link. So, I did that but got really confused since, I'm thinking: "didn't I already get an email stating I'm getting a free download?" yep. But that email , (though it looks like it'd contain the link) had no link, other than telling me to go to Michelle do download the song. What? Well, it took me long enough but, I finally figured it out just today. I had to sleep on it I guess for a couple days. I had started here today with the intention of this post to ask for help with the download. Immediately I read :"the download for the free song is no longer available" BONK!, I needed to sign in to post my dilemma....and BONK! I couldn't log on! I had forgotten (yet again) my sign on and pw since yesterday btw! Again, because of yet another entirely different (website/technical) problem. I have 2 Michelle Branch sign ons, one for the "forum" site and one for the real thing. I had no clue until I had to sign up again for what I thought was Michelle (one site) the entire time. Long story short I found the needed "download link" containing e-mail when I was looking for the Michelle "pw and sign on recovery" email from yesterday. I was a little scared at first as to whether or not the link was gonna work after all this h/a! But it did. I finally downloaded my free copy of Texas In The Mirror & listened to it after much anticipation. I liked the song OK. It didn't get me really excited, or enthused. It's pretty, and the sound is awesome. It's just not on my list of extra special favorites. And after all that work LOL! Sorry Michelle! Actually, I'm loving "Getaway" at the moment & have been for weeks really. I have it up on my you tube channel and play it constantly. I LOVE that video! I'm also loving the Wreckers "The Good Kind"...."Lay Me Down", & "Leave The Pieces"....I love "I Want Tears" can't wait for a video. I added video made by a fan that plays the song from the EP along with the lyrics. I found that yesterday. LOVES it!!! All these crying/shedding of tears songs touching my heart lately....listen to Maroon 5's "It's Just A Feeling" oh my theme songs!!!
So,,,,are there really two separate sites? Or is that other one a faker scam? LOL! Just thinking....hmmm
Thanks for listening, Katie

Missed It!

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Oh No, I missed the download. Need to check my email more frequently.


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thank you,just downloaded it


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tried 4 times as well,anybody there?


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Hey, I tried four times from two different email accounts to get the "Texas in the Mirror" download and never got an email back with the download in it. What am I doing wrong?

texas in the mirror

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thanks so much!!

I love it!!

I hope some day we can hear the rest of Different Kind Of Country. Your could give us a new song every year, or every few months.

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