Download "The Long Goodbye" For Free

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Download "The Long Goodbye" For Free

This is a song that I am the most excited to share with all of you. One of my favorite artists is Dwight Yoakam. When I was in the studio in Nashville, we met and I told him it would be a dream come true if he sang on my record. Next thing you know, he was in the studio singing "Long Goodbye" with me. I couldn't imagine this song without his voice on it. This song was meant to be the follow up single to "Sooner Or Later" (off the album that never was, Everything Comes and Goes.) I'm so disappointed that it was never released as I was really looking forward to filming the video with Dwight. Maybe next time ;)



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saya akan coba

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saya akan coba mendownloadnya, terima kasih sudah me-share lagu ini. sprei | sprei murah

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I will to try download

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I will to try download now
and then I will listen this song :)
thank for share :)

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I have downloaded the song. I'm an avid of you! Keep up doing great songs!

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