First Post and Facts about me

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First Post and Facts about me

Wow it's possible to have a blog on the Michelle Branch site? That's cool! Unfortunately I have like two other blogs that I keep up with so I probably won't post much to this one but I still find the fact that I can have one here totally awesome hehe.

Aside from keeping up with blogs I love photography and am currently learning about Astrology. Noobie to it that I am I just learned what a rising sign was the other day *rolls eyes* Something tells me I should've known about it a long time ago considering my fascination with the stars and space since I was a kid.

As an introduction I'll steal Michelle's 25 things about and create my own about me...

1. I love anything to do with the arts. Music, writing, reading, portraits, photography, etc. You name it I love it

2. I too believe in Astrology-otherwise I wouldn't be studying it after all

3. I write...constantly. Check out my other blogs: and and also my deviantart page

4. I used to be a vegetarian...for about a year or so. Then I gave it up. Do I foresee myself going back to it in the future? Definitely.

5. I have recently found 'my cause'. You know how everyone has something they fight for? IE their cause? Found mine: It's the health and well being of our planet. Animal welfare is another issue I support-hence the reason I was a vegetarian

6. I love studying philosophy, religion, and spirituality.

7. I love learning about science, ecology, and biology as well.

8. Thunderstorms are awesome. I love the sound of thunder. And just plain rain as well-it's very calming and relaxing.

9. I prefer to be outside as opposed to inside. I love being in the woods or by a steam.

10. When I was a kid I was a water rat...I'm not so much anymore. The only thing I do around a pool is read...unless I need to cool off then I get in.

11. I prefer to swim in natural water. Places like the ocean or pond or lake. Pools have too many chemicals.

12. I'm a natural blond though I dye my hair brown or black.

13. I refuse to cut my hair because of an incident in the 6th grade where it got cut way too short and I ended up looking like a boy and was therefore teased all through junior high about it.

14.I can't stand cold weather...I prefer warm any day any time.

15. I have three cats. I can never be without a cat in my life. I've always had one and always will.

16. I don't really drink. I will have the occasional alcoholic beverage but I'm not that into drinking.

17. I am very much a true Sagittarian even though according to my chart my sun is in the third decan.

18. I love to decorate my purses. This is one of the reasons I refuse to carry leather purses...patches and beading are my friends. I recently added a butterfly to my purse.

19. Actually I don't carry a's more like a messenger bag that I can get all my crap in.

20. The ocean is best viewed at night.

21. Dragons and fairies are just plain awesome.

22. I support gay/lesbian rights...they have just as much right to marry as do heterosexuals.

23. I want a tattoo...a butterfly on my ankle and a moon/star on my lower neck/upper back.

24. My boyfriend just introduced me to bands like Zepplin and Pink Floyd...I am now in love with them. I found the Indigo Girls on my own and love their song 'Galileo'.

25. Yes, I most definitely believe in aliens and fully support further space exploration.

Hope you enjoyed that and I must be off now ^_^

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