Because Apparently, I Don't Write Enough Already

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Because Apparently, I Don't Write Enough Already

Just call me Kaleigh (K-Lee). You can also find me on myspace (definitely) and facebook (maybe, the privacy settings on there are set up super high). I loves me some good music, and it just so happens that Michelle's falls into that category. Anyhoo... some Kaleigh Trivia:

I love to play music. I prefer bass, but I can play guitar and drums a little bit too.
I'm an English major, so I write all the time... or am reading all the time. Which also means I'm listening to music all the time, because that is why multitasking was invented.
I don't watch a whole lot of tv. Right now, the only show I'm watching regularly is Scrubs, and that's just the reruns on Comedy Central.
My favorite artists: Michelle Branch, KT Tunstall, The Rocket Summer, Wilco, The Clash, Jimmy Eat World
Favorite books: Empire Falls by Richard Russo, Killing Yourself to Live by Chuck Klosterman, Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer
I love to put information into parentheses (ALL the time)
I rather enjoy sarcasm.
I take school seriously, but not so seriously that I don't enjoy most of it.
I'm about the only person I know who does not have some kind of fixation on pirates, ninjas, hello kitty, or happy bunny. Really, all those are great, but I'm just not sure what the big deal is about any of them (even if Johnny Depp IS a really hot Captain Sparrow).

"Oh I swear I know I believe it/ Oh, I can't stop hearing all the singing/ Oh my soul has never had this feeling/ It feels like gold"
The Rocket Summer - "So Much Love"

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Kaliegh, I'm not going to

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I'm not going to lie, I don't ever hear of too many female musicians that prefer to play the bass, that's kinda why I'm leaving you a comment. As a male musician that plays the bass in preference over the other instruments that I know, I think it's cool and refreshing to see a female bass player. Keep it up, for reals.

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