Sundays are my favorite days

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Sundays are my favorite days

This is pretty cool. i was thinking about the new layout for this site yesterday and I kept thinking how cool it was that it;s all interactive and everything. When I heard that Michelle Branch was working on a new solo album I thought it was really exciting news. I think being on this site is going to make the wait a lot more fun. I've been listening to Hotel Paper a lot at work. I have to dig up The Spirit Room I've got it stored away in a box somewhere with a lot of other cds.

I'm listening to A Fine Frenzy right now. The cd is called, "One Cell in the Sea." I just got it yesterday and its pretty good. There are some great songs on here. I got the Sara Bareilles album a couple of days ago. That's a good one too. I got one of those Musio Pass cards that lets you download the album as mp3 files (which most of my cds end up being converted to anyway) and there were three live performance videos plus a pdf file with the lyrics liner notes. The videos are really good.

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