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Happy Birthday Michelle!

Wasn't that just the other day? I remember because July 3rd was my Father's birthday. I hope you had a nice birthday this year. My birthday is coming up soon. I turn 30 this year. I can't believe it.

I found my Spirit Room cd. It wasn't where I thought it was. I had taken it out of the box it was in and put it on a shelf with some other stuff. I was wondering why I couldn't find it in the boxes.

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Sundays are my favorite days

This is pretty cool. i was thinking about the new layout for this site yesterday and I kept thinking how cool it was that it;s all interactive and everything. When I heard that Michelle Branch was working on a new solo album I thought it was really exciting news. I think being on this site is going to make the wait a lot more fun. I've been listening to Hotel Paper a lot at work. I have to dig up The Spirit Room I've got it stored away in a box somewhere with a lot of other cds.

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